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A War-Weary Country: Afghanistan

Afghanistan, the capital of which is Kabul, is a country with a surface area of ​​652 thousand square kilometers. Afghanistan is a mostly mountainous country bordering Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkmenistan and China. Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks make up the majority of its population of about 40 million. Afghanistan, whose population is almost entirely Muslim, is officially an Islamic country. Afghanistan has a very old history. According to the researches, traces of settled life are seen in the region about 9,000 years ago. It is estimated that great civilizations existed in the 3rd millennium BC. Despite this cultural richness, Afghanistan is a very poor country economically.

A Society Under the Shadow of Poverty

As can be expected, the war conditions that lasted for years have worn out Afghanistan and the Afghan people. While the conditions in question were sufficient in themselves, Afghanistan also suffered from drought and famine, which are the disasters of this age. Research shows that 93 percent of Afghans do not have enough food. In addition, it is stated that approximately 7.3 million people from 34 provinces of Afghanistan are under the effect of drought. 14 million people are facing severe hunger. Existing water and food shortages cause exorbitant prices for these products; therefore this situation causes the already poor Afghan people to become even poorer. An emergency aid resource of 200 million dollars is needed in order to overcome these problems we mentioned with the least damage.

IHCRO Stands With Afghanistan

As IHCRO, we are on the ground in the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, as always. We are doing our best to meet all the needs of Afghanistan, where we follow the latest news closely. In this sense, we deliver emergency aid such as food packs distributions, drilling water wells and providing medical support to the Afghan people as quickly as possible. For our brothers and sisters who have lost their homes due to the war, we set up tent camps and distribute clothes and blankets suitable for the climate. We are trying to carry out activities in the region on which our priority is children, especially orphans. Alhamdulillah, we are building schools for the children so that they can continue their education. May Allah be pleased with everyone who supports this work.

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