1- PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR MESSAGE VIA PAYPAL COMMENT. It is not quite possible for us to follow those messages. Instead, you can contact us via email ([email protected]) or whatsapp line (+90 545 815 10 70) regarding any specific requirement of your donation. Donations without any specific requirement are used under the terms of the campaign that you selected.

2- PayPal incurs transaction cost to each donation. These rates are as follow: Domestic donation: %1.1 + $0.30 Cross border donation: %2.1 + a fixed fee (determined by the receiving currency) For details, please look PayPal page.

3- Usually, IHCRO takes %3 of the donated amount as an administrative fee so as to run the charity except the zakah and orphan sponsorship donations.

4- For those who donated to a specific appeal or people in a campaign shown in Mr. Abdullateef's Instagram and other social media accounts or IHCRO accounts, if the total donation accumulated is higher than the cost of any kind of support which is planned for that people or appeal, the excess amount might be allocated to other needy people or areas in the context of the campaign.

5- Zakah donations could only be used for some special appeals. If you want to give your zakah to special campaign, please contact with us so that we arrange your zakah to be used accordingly.

6- Stated amounts for appeals like foodbox, sponsorship and so on in our social media accounts are approximate values for per item/project. In operation, actual costs could be higher or lower.

7- For a complete well/masjid donations, if your total donation excess the required amount, the excess donation is conveyed to other masjids/wells around the world or sadaqa fund. If your donation lacks, we are compensating it.

8- If you want to see how and where your donation will be used, please look at the campaign documentation from the donation pages for open campaigns.

For more information, please contact with us via email or phone e-main: [email protected] phone: +90 545 815 10 70


Local and international donators may send their donation to following Turkish bank account of IHCRO. When you donate, please write down the aim of your donation (like sadaqa, zakah and so on) to the explanation part of the bank transfer or you can write to the following e-mail adress: [email protected] Donations without explanation is accepted as sadaqa for general use.

Kuveyt Türk Account Informations

Account Holder:Uluslararası İnsani Himaye ve Yardım Derneği
Bank:Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası
Bank Adress:Mercan Mh. Uzunçarşı Cd. No:44 Fatih Istanbul
USD IBAN:TR75 0020 5000 0017 4187 9001 07
Euro IBAN:TR48 0020 5000 0017 4187 9001 08
TRY IBAN:TR70 0020 5000 0017 4187 9001 03

Ziraat Katılım Account Informations

Bank:Ziraat Katılım Bankası A.Ş
Bank Adress:Hobyar Eminönü Mh. Hayri Efendi Cd. Bahçekapı No:12 Fatih Istanbul
USD IBAN:TR10 0020 9000 0015 9705 0000 02
Euro IBAN:TR80 0020 9000 0015 9705 0000 03
TRY IBAN:TR37 0020 9000 0015 9705 0000 01

IHCRO Australia Account Informations

ACC Name:IHCRO Australia
ACC Number:561148605
Swift/Bic Code:METWAU4B

IHCRO UK Account Informations

Bank:Lloyds Bank
Account Name:International Human Care and Relief Organization UK
Sort Code:30-96-26
Account Number:78004168