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Afghanistan Winter Appeal

As can be expected, the war conditions that lasted for years have worn out Afghanistan and the Afghan people. While the conditions in question were sufficient on their own, Afghanistan also suffered from drought and hunger, which are the disasters of this age. Research shows that 93 percent of Afghans do not have enough food. In addition, it is stated that approximately 7.3 million people from 34 provinces of Afghanistan are under the effect of drought. 14 million people are facing severe hunger. Existing water and food shortages cause exorbitant prices for these products, while this situation causes the already poor Afghan people to become even poorer.

What is the Winter Appeal?

The needs of the people are not always stable, and not everyone’s needs are the same. While some issues, such as famine and drought, apply to most aid regions, for example, medical assistance may not be required for more specific aid in all regions. Likewise, different needs seem to come to the fore at different times. For example, when the hot summer months come, water scarcity manifests itself as a problem that needs to be focused more on. Our winter appeal was implemented with a similar motive. Severe weather conditions in winter affect poor and homeless people very seriously. Therefore, meeting certain needs is of vital importance. We believe that a special aid appeal for the winter season will fulfill the necessity of this importance.

IHCRO in Afghanistan!

As IHCRO, we continue to expand our winter appeal. We first started our winter appeal in Syria. We have been sending aid to our brothers and sisters staying in tent camps for years. This time, InshaAllah our aid will go to our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Within the scope of this appeal, we will deliver textile products such as blankets and clothes, as well as equipment such as heaters and fuel, to those in need so that our Afghan brothers and sisters will be less affected by cold weather conditions. In addition to these, we will support the needy and the poor with food packages and ensure that they spend the winter comfortably. May Allah bless everyone who will support this campaign.

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