Aid to Afghanistan

There is one thing in common that you will hear from all the people who cross the road to Afghanistan. It is also said that it is another world or that a time travel is taken there. The reason for this is that the war conditions that have been going on for years have made Afghanistan closed to the outside. This situation not only brought about living the traditions in their purest form in terms of culture, but also created a community that was inadequate in many respects economically. At the point reached today, thankfully the war is over. So now it’s time for Afghanistan to catch up with other countries. Now it is necessary to create an economy that will meet the needs of the people. However, of course, this is not as easy as it seems. We are talking about a long process that requires a lot of patience.

Helping Hand to Afghanistan

We said that the process in question is long and requires patience. Even if the economic conditions improve in this process, this will not happen suddenly. Therefore, the Afghan people, who are currently struggling with poverty and trying to survive, will have to continue this struggle for a long time. Afghan people need help in this process. The Afghan people, for whom the door of good days has opened, needs our help in order to overcome this last plain in front of them safely. Therefore, it is our duty to help our war-weary brothers and sisters. Wealthy Muslims do not hesitate to stand by their fellow believers in their difficult situation!

IHCRO in Afghanistan!

As IHCRO, we have been working in Afghanistan for a long time. We are doing our best to heal the wounds of the oppressed Afghan people. As everyone knows, the biggest problem is hunger. For this reason, most of our works are focused on the food problem. In this context, our food pack distributions continue regularly. However, thanks to our hot meal distributions, our brothers and sisters who cannot find food are able to make the day. We provide cash aid to the families with children in order to overcome the problems other than the food problem. Our teams in Istanbul had previously gone to Afghanistan to personally carry out the aforementioned aids. InshaAllah, a similar visit will be made again, and this time an orphanage will be opened, the construction of which has been completed.

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