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Food Packs For Yemen

Hunger is one of today’s relentless problems. Thousands of people are suffering from hunger every day. Unfortunately, features such as the consumption frenzy of developed countries and production lines that cause wasteful environmental pollution have dragged the world to the brink of an irreversible path, namely the climate crisis. However, the strange thing is that the ones who suffer from this are not the developed countries themselves, but the poor countries in Africa and the Middle East. This will upset anyone with a conscience. Therefore, it can be expected to develop as a reflex to use the opportunities we have to solve the problems that arise. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is obvious at first glance that the most important of these problems is hunger.

A Hunger Weary Country: Yemen

One of the countries experiencing the hunger problem most intensely is Yemen. Yemen is actually one of the countries in the Middle East with a high potential. Yemen, whose population of 25 million is mostly Arab Muslims, also has underground resources such as natural gas and oil. Yemen, which has coasts along the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, is located in an important geographical position. Unfortunately, its location has not been able to save Yemen from the wars that lasted for years. The freedom movements called the Arab Spring, which started in 2015 and spread throughout the Arab world, also started in Yemen. After these popular movements, Yemen could not achieve its political stability and went through hard times full of civil wars.

IHCRO is in Yemen!

What the long-lasting civil war left behind was nothing but poverty and hunger. The inability to achieve political stability has also led to the inability to build the ground that will improve the economy and enable people to bring food to their homes. Considering that more than 40 percent of Yemen’s population consists of children, it is easier to understand how dire the current situation is. It is this child population who will receptively solve the problem in the country. Only if they grow up, can they struggle so that the next generations do not experience the same difficulties. For this reason, as IHCRO, we are trying to protect the children of Yemen with our food packets. Our packs, which we fill with basic food needs with the support of our donors, regularly find their owners in Yemen.

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