IHCRO Building a Mosque in Palestine

Palestine is a country that has been fighting honorably against the Zionist occupation for a long time and is the apple of the eye of Islamic world. The occupation conditions, which have increased over the years, are deeply hurting the entire Islamic Ummah, primarily the Palestinian people. As the Palestinian people continue their resistance in the streets, the Ummah is trying to provide all kinds of support for the Palestinian people, as no response can be given to the developing political conditions. Alhamdulillah, although the damage caused by the Zionists is huge, Muslims have the power to remove these damages.

Palestine Rises from the Ashes

Zionist attacks are being carried out in the most brutal way possible. Attacks that no conscience can accept are mostly carried out against the unarmed civilian population. The little kids whose homes are bombed and the young people to whom bullets are raining down on, unfortunately, have to live with this reality at all times. The Zionists, who disregard human life, also leave many people homeless. Although we cannot bring back the ones who passed away, the wounds of destruction can be healed for the survivors. With the support of various charities, the Gaza government is trying to reconstruct the city. As IHCRO, we support these relief efforts and rebuild a mosque that was destroyed by bombs. Hopefully, these reconstruction works will be the rise of the Islamic Ummah and Palestine from the ashes. This is our prayer and effort.

Herald of Victory: Al-Nasr Mosque

Al-Nasr Mosque, which we will be reconstructing as IHCRO, will be a very large mosque with two floors and an area that can accommodate more than 1000 Muslims. We will establish a Quran center next to the mosque, which will have a minaret 30-40 meters high as before, and with this center, the area of ​​the project will be 1000 square meters, insha’Allah. Alhamdulillah, we are working in coordination with the local government to provide all their assistance, the Minister being in the first place, who truly appreciates the ongoing, relentless humanitarian efforts of IHCRO. We are starting the construction works with a project that Allah loves most. Do not forget that mosques are places that build the faith and courage of Muslims. It is the first project that the Messenger of Allah (saw) had it built when he arrived in Medina. IHCRO is following in His footsteps. May Allah be pleased with all our donors who walk with us on the same path.

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