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Iraqi Orphans Received Their Trust

Our work reveals how sensitive we are about orphans. We spend a large part of our resources to find solutions to the problems of our orphan brothers and sisters. We have never considered the work done on this path sufficient, and we never will. Because we consider our orphans as our own family. Just as we take care of our own children and siblings, as we worry about their problems and dote on them, we share the same sensitivity for our orphan brothers and sisters who are miles away from us and try to live accordingly. Thankfully we are not alone on this path. Our donors, who agree with us and do not hesitate to spend their resources for their orphan brothers and sisters, have stood by us from the very beginning.

Orphan Aid Reached Iraq

As we mentioned in our previous articles, unfortunately, Iraq is a country that comes first in terms of orphan population. The reason for this is, of course, the years of war. Unfortunately, despite being a very rich country in terms of underground resources, Iraq cannot benefit from these resources. It can even be said that these resources are a nuisance to the country. Rich oil resources make the imperialist states lick their lips. The imperialists, who cannot reach these resources in their own lands, are establishing dominance over the countries that they can bite down on and that have these resources with various tricks. As a result of this domination, what is left of the country is pain, grief, and poverty. This is what happened to Iraq as well. Unfortunately, the US occupation, which lasted for years, left hundreds of orphans behind.

IHCRO Besides Iraqi Orphans

In a bulletin we shared about the oppressed orphans of Iraq, we mentioned that a special aid will be given to these brothers and sisters. Apart from the orphan campaigns that we regularly deal with and carry out, this time we organized a special campaign for our Iraqi orphan brothers and sisters. As a part of this campaign, we provided financial assistance to 150 orphans. We delivered the aids to our brothers and sisters in a program where they could have fun and be happy. May Allah be pleased with everyone who contributed to this campaign that made our orphan brothers smile and relieved their troubles a little bit.

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