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Nutrition is Everyone’s Right

Unfortunately, the world is full of people whose cries for help go unheard. The help these people seek is actually basic needs that most of us have in our lives but are not even aware of. The basic needs that are necessary for people to survive unfortunately turn into a struggle for survival for some of us. One of the main actors in this struggle for survival is food. Although the food industry is developed today, soil-based nutrition still feeds the majority of the world. As such, countries with unfruitful soils and adverse climatic conditions are at a disadvantage. When poverty is added to this disadvantage, hunger, one of the biggest problems of our age, emerges.

The Global Fight Against Hunger

It would not be right to connect the problem of hunger only to natural conditions and economic poverty. If we accept the fact that every person in the world needs and has the right to be fed, we will realize that we are talking about a problem that includes everyone. Therefore, everyone must determine their role in this problem and their task in its solution. Every year, enough food is produced in the world to feed 11 billion people, but unfortunately, these foods cannot feed even 8 billion people. If we do simple math, the result is a lot of waste and an unfair distribution of food. For this reason, everyone should first realize that nutrition is not a luxury and a means of entertainment, but a necessity and we should all seek ways to avoid waste. Then we should think about what we can do for people who cannot meet this need. Thus, a good start can be made to fight the problem.

IHCRO’s Food Packs Feed People

As IHCRO, we are aware of our duty. We are doing our best to fulfill this task. With our network spanning 34 countries and our teammates in the field, we try to reach out to anyone who suffers from food shortages. InshaAllah the distribution of food packages, one of our most intense and active works, will be blessed with more distribution projects. As long as Allah lets us breathe, we will not stop these aids. May Allah bless everyone who supports us.

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