Orphan Homes in Yemen

Our orphan children continue their lives deprived of the opportunities that most of us find prepared in front of us. These possibilities are actually the minimum needs necessary for a person to survive. To give an example, a roof over your head, enough food to survive and clothes suitable for climatic conditions constitute these opportunities and needs. However, as we have said, unfortunately, a substantial number of orphans do not have the opportunity to have these conditions. Therefore, these brothers and sisters are in need of help and care. What soft-hearted people should do is to protect and look after these children that are entrusted us in the life of this world and to meet their needs.

Every Child Deserves a Home

The house is more than just a building with stone walls. Whereas family is built in the house. The bonds of love are strengthened. Pain is relieved. Wounds are healed. Home is the name of the place where we find peace and security. For this reason, every orphan child needs a home to be able to stand up and grow up in a healthy way despite all the difficulties in their life. This home can be a course with their friends, or it can be a house with their mother and siblings. Every house is a cure for orphans where they will have their family and feel being loved. No orphan child should be deprived of this healing.

IHCRO Builds Orphan Houses

As IHCRO, we are aware of how much our orphan children need a home. Therefore, we have shaped our work in line with this need. As a result of our work, we have built our 55th Orphan House in Yemen, alhamdulillah. These houses are where our orphan children stay with their families. These families who cannot find the financial means to continue their lives properly also receive monthly financial aid and food aid from us. In this way, children do not have to work and can go to school. Our projects to build more houses and monthly donation distributions to families will continue with the help of Allah and the support of our donors, as we have done so far. May Allah bless everyone involved in this work.

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