Our Permanent Aid: Empowerment Appeal

Helping people has no borders. As a matter of fact, people can need all kinds of things and everyone can become needy one day. For this reason, aiding is a work that cannot be limited to numbers in terms of both people and products. Therefore, it must be done without calculation. Different parts of the world are the scene of many crises. These crises leave people helpless and needy. Even in the absence of a crisis, various people may face despair due to poverty, depending on political and economic conditions. Situations like these require relief efforts. As you can see, help is not only unlimited and unaccounted for, but also it is an extremely necessary task.

Emergency Aids and Long-Term Aids

We can also subject charity works to a certain categorization. Different classifications can of course be made. Let’s talk about emergency and long-term aid right now. Emergency aid is a very important type of aid that comes into play during the crisis we mentioned above. As a matter of fact, these emergency aids save the lives of many people. The water brought to the people living in arid regions and the blanket brought to the earthquake regions make it possible for people to see the sunrise again. Long-term aid, on the other hand, is the aid given to the people who need help due to reasons such as poverty and migration where crisis situations are not seen. Beyond saving the day, these aids will enable individuals to continue their lives without the need for further help.

IHCRO’s Empowerment Appeal

As IHCRO, we act very quickly in any crisis and deliver emergency aid to those in need, and we work with the same devotion to provide long-term aid, and these are called empowerment projects. As a result of these empowerment projects, we enable people in need to earn a living or eliminate their needs permanently. We provide livelihood items for people, such as sewing machines, small grocery stores, and refrigerators. In addition to these, we meet the needs of people who need motorcycles, bicycles, or animals according to their needs. Apart from these examples, we offer many materials and training courses that will give people skills to earn their life. InshaAllah, we will continue to do this kind of aid work in order to empower the poor people.

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