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Our Syria Winter Appeal Continues!

Since the humanitarian crisis in Syria began, our work in the region has continued without interruption. Alhamdulillah, we have solved countless people’s problems with these appeals. Syria is indeed one of the countries in need of much help. Years of war left behind damage that could not be healed for a long time. This damage does not only include material deficiencies. A great wound that can never be compensated was opened with the war. Unfortunately, countless mothers, fathers and children died in the conditions of war. So, the war left behind helpless orphans and widows. As Muslims, our duty is to take care of our brothers and sisters in need of help and cure their problems.

What Did We Do?

We have been continuing our special winter appeal for Syria for many years now. As a part of this appeal, we provide our Syrian brothers and sisters with food, clothing, and fuel for heating. At the same time, we repair damaged tents in tent camps and strengthen them for winter conditions. In the past weeks, we started our Syria Winter Appeal this year, as well. As part of the appeal, we primarily delivered food packages to these people. We know that deeds done for the sake of Allah cannot be limited to numbers. Although we share the figures of our works to inform the public, we want you to know that these figures do not cause a sense of satisfaction for us. Our goal is to always work for more.

IHCRO Is on the Field So the Children Don’t Get Cold!

We all feel the winter conditions, which are increasing in severity, more and more every day. These conditions are felt more in rural areas than in the cities. In the countryside, where there are no buildings to block the wind and the cold, the cold grips people more deeply. The situation is even worse if there is no proper house to take shelter from the cold. Unfortunately, the situation of our Syrian brothers and sisters are such that the only place they can take shelter in order to protect themselves from the cold in the countryside is their tents. For this reason, we have provided 600 winter coats to help our brothers and sisters, some of whom are orphans, and we will deliver them to the region, inshaAllah. To do this, our team in Istanbul will go to the region next week and inshaAllah deliver the coats to their owners. May Allah bless everyone who contributed to this khair.

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