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Our Water Wells Bring Hope to People

While some parts of the world have rich underground and ground resources, some of them are unfortunately not in the same situation. Many regions, many settlements do not have the basic foodstuffs that will enable people to live. On the contrary, these regions are under the influence of food and water scarcity. Even if the resources are available, the lack of economy and technology which are necessary for the acquisition and processing of resources is another problem. Water is one of the most basic foodstuffs. Water, which is essential for human life, is unfortunately also the most deprived product. The number of people suffering from water scarcity is increasing day by day.

World’s Water Scarcity Report

According to international organizations, water scarcity is the result of natural disasters that have taken place in the world in the last 10 years. Water scarcity, which affects 55 million people every year, was estimated to affect 40 percent of the world’s population by 2030. Although water scarcity has direct terrible effects on human life such as malnutrition, acute and chronic diseases, epidemic diseases and death; It is also known that it is an obstacle to improving the economic and political conditions of underdeveloped countries with economies based on agriculture. For this reason, raising our awareness of water waste and bringing water to people in need must be on our to-do list.

Around the World with IHCRO Water Wells

Since the foundation of our organization, we have been caring about the problem of water scarcity in the world and we have been working to solve this problem. The number of water wells we have built in Niger, Benin, India, Bangladesh, Syria, Yemen and many other countries has reached 4000. In order to double this number we have reached, we will continue our work at full speed and with great enthusiasm. As IHCRO, Inshallah we will do our best to meet the needs of people living in water scarcity and to increase the awareness of the international community on this issue with your support. So you can support our water well appeal to contribute to such an important charity like this.

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