Poverty and Disease

We live in a world where the distinction between the rich and the poor is getting bigger and clearer. This distinction has come to such a point that no one in the poor category is even given the right to live anymore. This difference can be seen within a society itself, as well as between societies at the international level. At the point where brutal capitalism has brought us, the rich people have made people who are economically lower than themselves unseen. The economic polarization we live in has also brought about a moral corruption. These conditions deal a major blow to human life, the culture of living together, and to the betterment of humanity. We can only get rid of these problems by giving what we have, to those in need without expecting anything in return.

Looking to See

Although the abyss in question makes one blind to the other, it is not that difficult to wake up from this sleep. It’s enough to want to wake up. When we manage to wake up, we will no longer look around as before. We will see that people in need and waiting for help that we could not see in the past are everywhere. Our surprise will increase when we broaden our perspective and head outside the city and country we live in. Because we will see that the world is much bigger than we thought, and people’s lives are so different from ours. That’s when we will see that our lives are not more valuable than other people’s lives, but that everyone should be equal in terms of meeting their basic needs.

IHCRO Globally Active

Now that we’re starting to see, we can act. This is exactly what we do at IHCRO: Taking action! For years, we have been trying to support the poor communities and people of the ummah with various aids. In doing this work, we try to consider those who need help the most and the help that is most needed. In such an equation, we come across poor and sick children. Due to their poverty, these brothers and sisters cannot even get rid of diseases that can be cured with very simple treatments. As IHCRO, we heal this wound. We have been working for the healing of poor and sick children for a long time, and we are opening health centers in many places. May Allah bless everyone involved in this khair!

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