Sierra Leone is Waiting Help

The Republic of Sierra Leone, a country located in West Africa, got its name from its characteristics. Due to the abundance of lions in the country, the Portuguese gave this name, which means mountains with lions. With a surface area of 71.740 square kilometers, Sierra Leone is home to more than 6 million people. Founded by freed African slaves, the country was liberated from being a colonial country in 1961. However, like many colonial countries, it could not achieve political stability after gaining its independence, and lost power day by day amid civil wars. Sierra Leone, which is very rich in diamond mines, has unfortunately been condemned to poverty by the attempts of the colonialists.

Unexpected Explosion

An unexpected and painful event occurred in Sierra Leone recently. In Freetown, the capital of the country, a tanker carrying oil and a truck collided with each other in traffic. Then, unfortunately, the oil tanker caused a big explosion. The oil spilled from the overturned tanker before the explosion caused the flame to spread with the explosion. These spreading flames left the environment and unfortunately the people in flames. Authorities also report that more than 90 people were killed and 100 injured in the explosion.

IHCRO is in Sierra Leone!

After this deplorable event, we consider it our duty to share the pain of our Muslim brothers. We cannot afford to bring back the lost souls, but we can do what is necessary to treat our wounded brothers and sisters. As IHCRO, we started our campaign in order to meet the hospital expenses and post-treatment needs in the tragic event where about 100 injured. I hope the donations we collect will heal the wounds of our brothers from Sierra Leone. We should not forget that Allah tests us in various ways. The calamities that befall us are examples of these tests. Let’s make the test of our brothers easier together.

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