The Never-Ending Problem: Hunger

Many definitions can be made for the problem of hunger. Never-ending, heartbreaking, requiring urgent intervention… However, the most appropriate definition is that it is an unbelievable problem. As a matter of fact, in the world where approximately eight billion people live, enough food is produced that can be used to feed eleven billion people every year. And yet, it is truly inconceivable that there are people in the world who still suffer from hunger and hunger-related problems. The fact that the big companies of the food industry give priority to profit rates, not people, is among the biggest causes of hunger. Because the food produced is not sent to poor countries, but to countries with money, so that the production-consumption cycle continues.

Hunger in the World

The fact that the hunger problem does not come to an end, and it grows every year makes the problem more important. However, with the developing technology and increasing wealth, such a problem like hunger should not exist. Studies show that 800 million people go to bed hungry every day. 14 million children suffer from diseases related to hunger and malnutrition. The problem of hunger is not only sickness, but also both the cause and the result of some political and military events. In 2020, armed conflicts due to hunger manifested itself in 23 countries and 99 million people participated in these conflicts. If things continue like this, by 2030, the problem of hunger will become unmanageable.

IHCRO Fights Hunger

As IHCRO, we believe that no human should be deprived of their basic need of nutrition. For this reason, we both raise awareness on social media and reach people, who have hunger problems, with our teams that work directly on the field against the problem of hunger in the world. With the works we carry out all over the world, we are helping intensively in Asia and Africa, which are at the top of the hunger problem. We are trying to meet all kinds of needs to end hunger, such as food packs and water wells. InshaAllah we will continue on this path. May Allah bless everyone who supported us in making this work possible.

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