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The World’s Clean Water Is Decreasing

Water is almost life itself. A life without water is unthinkable. Unfortunately, the world’s water sources have a limit. This substance we need to survive will not be in our possession forever. Of course, nature renews itself with its magnificent creation. However, nature, which has been distorted by people, cannot fulfill this renewal process as it should. The damage caused by various reasons such as factories, cars and environmental pollution deals a heavy blow to nature. The climate crisis we are facing today, and the resulting droughts actually caused by our own hand. Unfortunately, the people most affected by this situation are the poor people of geographies living under the influence of arid climates rather than the big city people who cause it.

Yemen Longing for Clean Water

One of the countries most affected by water scarcity is Yemen. Yemen is a country that has been under the influence of war for many years. The conditions of war unfortunately tie people’s hands in almost every issue and cause a humanitarian crisis. For this reason, the people of Yemen also have to deal with poverty and deficit. When the drought problem in the region is added to all these, the people of Yemen are unable to see clean water. Not having access to clean water also means not being able to produce food to be consumed, catching many diseases and being a victim of internal conflicts caused by water. Therefore, clean water is a priority need for the people of Yemen as it affects every aspect of life.

IHCRO’s Water Tankers in Yemen

As IHCRO, we do not remain indifferent to the needs of the Yemeni people. We are on the field for Yemen’s water crisis as we have worked to heal the wounds of all kinds of humanity and climate crises until today. Yemen is a country where we already provide food packs, water drills and medical support. We are now enriching these supports with water tanks. As a matter of fact, some regions are not suitable for drilling water wells due to drought. Therefore, we support such regions with water tanks. These works are carried out by the help of Allah and by our donors’ support. May Allah bless everyone involved in this work.

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