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Victim of Hunger: Afghanistan

Hunger is a well-known issue, but unfortunately it is still an issue that cannot be adequately taken care of. Among the biggest causes of hunger are drought and famine that developed due to the climate crisis, followed by poverty, which is very difficult to get rid of as a result of interventions such as exploitation and war. Natural conditions can also be counted as a cause of hunger, but natural conditions are nothing compared to the reasons mentioned by human hands. As can be seen, it is the people themselves that actually cause people’s hunger. Although most of us do not act with such an intention, unfortunately, our actions can have such negative consequences. Therefore, each of us should strive to be the solution to the problems that we are the indirect cause of.

Slowly and One by One…

The perception that the problem of hunger has long been affecting only Africa has been widespread. But the truth of the matter is not like that. It can be said that the area threatened by hunger and famine has expanded with the changing climate characteristics. Many blessings that we are accustomed to wasting today may be a problem for us tomorrow due to their absence. Therefore, the first thing to do is to increase our individual awareness about hunger and do our best to block the roads leading to hunger in the global sense. Not just because the damage will touch us, but so that no one will suffer such a problem… Who wants to see little children weaken day by day?

IHCRO in Afghanistan!

Hunger is pushing Afghanistan this time. Like a rapidly spreading epidemic, hunger has spread to Afghanistan. As IHCRO, we have prepared more than 2000 food packs for Afghanistan in the last two months and delivered them to our brothers and sisters there. However, we are aware that there is no such thing as sufficient in this regard. For this reason, we should always continue to work for more and set new goals for ourselves. And we always aim to reach more people after every help we do. May Allah bless everyone involved in this khair!

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