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We are in Syria this Winter too!

The winter season is the dream of some people. The flaky snow, the fun moments spent outside with friends, combined with the warm and friendly evenings spent at home with the family, really sounds very appealing. Unfortunately, when you think of those who do not have clothes to protect themselves in the cold and harsh winter, those who cannot find fuel to burn in their stoves or heaters, and people who stay in tent camps instead of warm and comfortable houses, the winter season suddenly loses all its charm. As you can see, events that evoke good and beautiful things for some can turn into nightmares for others. So, what needs to be done is to try to improve the conditions for everyone. For this reason, those who have good and beautiful are obliged to help those who do not.

What Did We Do?

As IHCRO, we are working hard to fulfill this obligation. We are trying to come to the aid of poor and needy people through many different campaigns. Of course, these works are carried out primarily by the will of Allah and then with the support of our donors. One of our various works is to increase the resistance of people in need against the harsh winter conditions mentioned above. We have been extending our helping hand to the people staying in tent camps in Syria every winter season without interruption for 10 years. Alhamdulillah, we managed to deliver the last 250 tons of fuel to Syrian families. In addition to fuel, we also distributed clothes such as boots and coats, and blankets suitable for the winter season. In addition, we repaired the damages in the tent camps where our Syrian brothers and sisters stayed.

IHCRO is in Syria This Winter too!

By the will of Allah, we are carrying out our aid that we have continued in the winter seasons in Syria for 10 years, this year as well. In order to improve the winter conditions of people in need in tent camps in Syria, we support them with various materials. These materials consist of fuel, which varies according to the heating device, winter clothing such as boots and coats, and blankets. In addition to all these, if there is a damaged tent, we also repair it. May Allah bless everyone who contributed to these donations.

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