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Winter Jackets for the Children in Gaza

Winter is at the door. The cold, which makes itself feel colder day by day, will reach its peak with the arrival of the winter months. One of the most needed things in this cold weather is a winter jacket that will protect us from the cold when we are outside. Unfortunately, the world economy, which started with the pandemic and got worse and worse, caused a serious increase in the prices of winter coats that we need this season, as in every product from food to medicine. While it was difficult enough for the poor people to find the necessary clothes, things got worse with the newly shaped conditions.

Gaza, Apple of the Ummah’s Eye

The poor people we are talking about are spread all over the world. But when we look at the general framework, we see that some of the Middle Eastern societies and Muslim peoples are condemned to poverty as a whole. It breaks our hearts to see Muslims in this state. Especially seeing that the Palestinian people, who are the apple of the eye of the Ummah, are in this situation, adds to our sadness. Palestine is a country that has been trying to resist the Zionist occupation for years. Due to this resistance, none of the policies necessary for the development of the country can be put into effect within the country. As a matter of fact, Palestinians are working for Palestine and in a way they are fighting for liberation against the occupation. It is our duty to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters in this struggle. Therefore, we must try our best to meet the needs of our brothers.

Winter Jacket Gifts from IHCRO for Children of Gaza

Our children are our future. That’s why they deserve the best of everything. As a matter of fact, those who will build the future should grow in the best way. Unfortunately, due to the situations mentioned above, the children of Gaza, one of the most important cities of Palestine, do not grow up in good conditions. As IHCRO, we have taken it upon ourselves to help our Gazan brothers and sisters. In this campaign, we aimed to send the children winter jackets to prepare them for the upcoming winter. We ran a similar campaign last year and distributed 2000 winter coats. We have delivered 500 coats to their owners so far this year. We are also working for more distributions. May Allah bless everyone who support and contribute to the campaign.

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